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Janelle Phillips


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Janelle Phillips coming to you from San Diego, California, and born and raised in the city Escondido, she is a blend of culture, a Cali Lady bringing forth conscious music. Beginning her musical journey, Janelle began writing lyrics and poetry as a freshman in high school. At age 19, she learned to play guitar on her own, and started writing music for her songs. From there, she started performing at open mics and small performances. This conituned for the next few years while in community college where she would jam in the courtyard, finding talent amongst people passing by. Inspired by the music around her, Janelle began arranging shows in her area, where she began promotion and graphic design. To her, the best part of those days was giving so many people the courage and strength to perform  on stage for the first time.


In 2013, Janelle recorded and released her first EP, "To Be Heard" by producer and musician Ryan J. Parker. One of her strongest songs, "Sensational Feeling," was used to network with people from the reggae community. From there, she linked up with Gary Dread, (The Movement) where she was featured on a track from his solo project. Through this connection, she learned of E.N Young as a producer and it became a dream of hers to record at his studio, Imperial Sound Recording Studio. As the road was paved she recorded 4 tracks with E.N in  2014/2015, including her powerful song, and first single "Lioness".


Janelle's lyrics are self-empowering, healing, and profound. Her goals are to uplift the souls that are enlightened by the music of love, strength, and truth: Reggae Music. Her original inspirations began with The Fray and One Republic, and when she discovered reggae music in 2009, her biggest influences that molded her as a female reggae artist became Trevor Hall, Matisyahu, and Bob Marley. She was also moved and influenced by The Dirty Heads, Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, SOJA, and The Movement. She says reggae changed her life in the most powerful way as she found herself embarking on a spiritual evolution that she feels she has yet to blossom. Her experience and time spent working on this debut album with E.N has filled her with knowledge of so many new things, with regards to music and a conscious way of living. She says E.N's way of expressing love and passion towards her work strengthened her. She is excited to take the stage and compel fans to a higher state of mind, inspiring them to find positivity in their lives. She has belief to move the people's faith in The Almighty, and bring them courage so that they can encounter the life He has given them each day. Stay posted for 'Lioness' out October 2, 2015.

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