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Project 432


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Project 432 is an original reggae/rock band from Denver, Co breaking the traditional mold of American Reggae.

Mixing a variation of styles, they draw you in with their hip hop/funk sound and the rock drive behind their drummer/bass combination. The guitar and vocals have resounding elements in blues, hip hop, rock and soul music. The keys bring out beautiful bright tones, and in moments the spacy sounds as well as more subtle sub base and dub vibrations.
Why 432??? Everything vibrates at a certain frequency range and 432hz is the perfect and actual range at which water, life, the earth as well as all elements are whole and centered and it is how we are all connected and aligned properly. Originally music was played and listened to at 432hz, and along the line it was changed to 440hz and caused our minds to come out of alignment, our vibrational frequency, our way of thinking, our pace and our natural rhythm in life altogether.
Project 432 tunes to 432hz as well as writes a message that tells a story of the hearts of the band members as well as the many stories that we all live out in this epic journey we walk out called life. They intend to impact your heart, heal your mind and spirit by causing you to contemplate, consider, reconsider, and simply rock out and love the moment you are experiencing. Listen to the grooving and enchanting sounds of Project 432.

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